An amazing 4X Yagi array

This right here is the definition of want:

Yes, that’s right, it’s a 4X Yagi antenna array on an electronically controlled alt-azimuth mount. Oh man, what I wouldn’t do to have one of those. It’s amazing. It has four times the antennae of a simple Yagi beam, thus four times the gain (an increase of 6 dB). And the alt-azimuth mount gives you two full degrees of freedom, allowing you to track satellites. The one problem I see is that it looks like the Yagis are horizontally polarized (although it’s hard to tell from the YouTube video), whereas for space contact you’d want them to be cross-polarized to account for spinning satellites. It’s still an impressive show all around though.

Plus, you can’t deny how cool it is. It reminds me of a Death Star laser turret, only it’s used for peace, not war. You can’t claim to be a nerd if, after seeing a video of a 4X Yagi array on an electronically controlled alt-azimuth mouth, you have any thought other than “I want one of those”.

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