Decrying publicly funded Islamic education in Minnesota

An investigative reporter out in Minnesota has uncovered a publicly funded Muslim charter school that is promoting the religion of Islam on the publics dime. The charter school is collocated with a mosque, and all students go over for “voluntary” prayer and Islamic education immediately after school, after the ritual washing of hands and feet, of course. As if all this didn’t make the religious nature of the school obvious enough, the building the school is located in is also the headquarters of the Muslim American Society of Minnesota, whose mission is to “establish Islam in Minnesota.”

This is a clear violation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. No public funds should be going towards promoting any particular religion, especially not to a captive child audience. It doesn’t matter that attending the school is entirely voluntary (for the parents, anyway; the children likely have no say in the matter). It’s entirely unconstitutional. Minnesota hasn’t been doing a good job of regulating this school, having only visited it thrice in the past five years. All manner of illegal things have been going on right under their noses.

It is the state’s duty to provide a secular education. Any promotion of religion should not take place in public schools. I wonder what in the world Minnesota was thinking when they established a separate public school just for Muslims; how is this justified or appropriate?! America has always been a melting pot. Our strategy is to assimilate immigrants into our culture, and schools are the best way to do that. So establishing a separate school to prevent that assimilation, and then promote religion on top of that, is absurd. Just like we have no public schools that promote Christianity, there should be none that promote any other religion.

I think we’re heading down the very dangerous road of the British and the French who, in the name of “cultural diversity”, are allowing large segments of their population to remain isolated and cut off. In Britain they even allow Muslim men with multiple wives to get government benefits for each wife — so long as he married them before immigrating! And this is even though bigamy is illegal for all other British citizens. The results of this kind of appeasement of immigrants are devastating: witness the large Muslim immigrant riots in the banlieues of Paris in recent years, leaving thousands of cars torched, hundreds of police officers injured, and millions in damages. Or look at the extremist imams in Britain who actively preach hate and condone violence against “heathens”, providing the breeding grounds for such plots as the July 7 London bombings.

So far, America has done much better. We don’t have the problem of home-grown terrorists like the United Kingdom because we’ve purposefully liberalized and integrated our immigrants into our culture. Children who receive a secular modern education generally do not grow up to be extremists. So we shouldn’t be shooting ourselves in the foot here and using taxpayer money to subsidize non-secular education that only serves to actively prevent assimilation and could potentially foster more extremism down the line. Our current strategy is working; don’t deviate from it! Get rid of all public schools that segregate out children by religion. There’s absolutely no place for it in America.

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  1. Kelly Martin Says:

    You might be interested in the breaking story here in Chicagoland about how atheism is dangerous to children.

  2. Cyde Weys Says:

    Oh, trust me Kelly, I heard all about that story. It was one of the largest comments threads I’ve seen on Daily Kos in a long while. I just, uh, neglected to blog about it, since everyone else was talking about it at the time. It seemed redundant. But yeah, Rep. Monique Davis should be driven out on the rails for that. We have no use for such bigotry in our government, especially considering how large of a minority atheists now are.

  3. Larry Says:

    Britain, Europe, Scandinavia, Canada and the United States are under attack by Islamic Jihad expansionists. Duly note I did not say Islamic Jihad terrorists, but the only difference is that they are not bombing or blowing something up. That will come later as more and more Muslims are allowed into the western world. Britain’s 911, Madrid bombings, America’s 911, Beslan school massacre and Mumbai’s recent attacks is a prelude to greater acts of the physical Jihad and it will be homegrown as the British government has certainly found out, but cleverly hides behind Multiculturalism and Pluralism values to protect the Muslims. The terrorists are few in numbers although their acts of terror since 911 number over 27,000 and counting. Most incidents do not get reported in the mainstream media. It is hard to hide something like a 911, but with conspiracy theories that abound you might think it might not have happened at all. The worst is the United Nations and its Islamic agenda that has made law, since 1990, Blasphemy of Religions (read Islam) and yet deny they have done so. What Islamic Expansionism is doing today is indoctrinating our children in schools, colleges and universities witha peaceful Islam that does not exist. The Council on Islamic Education (CIE) has forced school text publishers to have the CIE rewite their Islamic content and add modules that go along with the texts. Susan Douglass, Muslim woman, has he;ped rewrite the texts and the modules with a content that is indoctrination styled. If Christian religious education in schools were to teach Christianity in the same manner as Islam is being taught we would be branded racists and Islamophobic. The Byron school district was taken to court by parents and their children over Islamic indoctrination style teaching in public schools and lost their case. A case was made on the basis that it violated the non-Muslims children’s religious rights, but the judge denied them their religious rights. The school demands students dress up as Muslims, fast on Ramadan, pray to Allah on prayer rugs and take Salat. The children are forced to say prayers in Arabic that they do not know the meaning of and in front of Muslim witnesses say the Holy words that make one a Muslim. If this is not indoctrination to Islam then what would you call it? In a Christian nation Christian children in schools are forced to say prayers to a false and evil Islamic God. The truth of Allah is that he is a old lesser pagan God of the Quraysh and other Arabic tribes. Muhammad was never spoken to by God except in a dream. Muhammad was given instructions, allegedly, by the Angel Gabriel. Strangely God did not see fit to speak to Muhaamd directly when he had done so with Jesus, Moses and Abraham. In another truth God said unto Abraham ” do no evil in my name. ” And Muhammad comes along later and says Allah gives you the right to do evil because you can kill, steal and take slaves of non-Muslims in his name. When Kofi Anan coined the word Islamophobic we should have called him a Christianophobic and a Judaiaphobic for his hate filled Islamic agenda against Christians and Jews alike. Not once has the UN cited any Islamic nation for the murders of Jews and Chrsitians in Islamic nations.

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