Heading out to Massachusetts

I’m traveling up to Massachusetts tomorrow for a week for my job. I don’t know the status of Internet access in the hotel I’ll be staying in. I suspect it might be costly, in which case I’ll just refuse to pay. So you probably won’t see me writing anything for this blog until Friday at the earliest.

But that’s okay. In anticipation of not having Internet access for the duration, I’ve written and queued up a few blog posts to appear while I’m away. Just don’t expect any coverage of breaking news or timely responses to your comments. If this starts becoming a regular occurrence it may get to be a bit tiresome, because writing lots of blog posts in one day is kind of exhausting.

2 Responses to “Heading out to Massachusetts”

  1. Greg Maxwell Says:

    Oh great… When Ben gets back the blog might well be flooded in spam tracebacks!

  2. Cyde Weys Says:

    Thank goodness I can get Internet out here. Yeah, at $9 a day, it is expensive, but I’m ultimately not paying for it.