The grooviest candy ever?

I have a few choice responses to this news: Georgia Law Bans Retailers From Selling ‘Pot Candy’ To Minors

  1. There’s actually a marijuana-flavored candy? Seriously?
  2. Would this be the first time in America that a flavor was made illegal? I thought the point of weed was that it got you high, not that it had a funny taste. Does banning the taste make sense?
  3. When I was little, we went to Amish country on a school field trip and one of the things we picked up at a large market there was cigarette-shaped candy. It even had a hole down the middle, and when you blew into one end, a puff of powdered sugar was released from the other hand, as if you were really smoking. Seeing as how cigarettes actually, you know, kill people, and lots of them at that, wouldn’t it make more sense to start by banning products like these?

I return you to enjoy the rest of your day’s scheduled lunacy.

2 Responses to “The grooviest candy ever?”

  1. Kelly Martin Says:

    The part of the story that provides the most amusement is the fact that the bill’s sponsor was Representative Stoner.

  2. drinian Says:

    The ice cream man around my neighborhood used to sell candy cigarettes when I was a kid.

    I’m pretty sure that people just stopped making them.