Fixing an image upload bug in WordPress 2.5

Ever since I upgraded to WordPress 2.5, I’ve been unable to successfully load images. The Upload Image page would come up just fine, I would select the image file, the progress bar would advance all the way to the finish, then I’d get kicked out to a WordPress login screen, with the image not having made it. I didn’t have the time to fix it for awhile, so I simply uploaded images to my webhost using SCP and linked to them manually, but that was a huge drain of time. So I finally sat down to fix it once and for all.

I tried all of the official WordPress fixes, to no avail. There’s something up with my shared hosting provider’s (HostMonster’s) configuration that doesn’t respond to any of the standard fixes. So I finally gave up and installed the No Flash Uploader plugin. It does exactly what it says: revert to the pre-Flash uploader days of WordPress 2.3. You may not get all of the “latest and greatest” features of the WordPress 2.5 uploader, but then again, I’d say an uploader that actually works is far superior than one that doesn’t.

So if you’re experiencing image uploading problems in WordPress 2.5, try out this plugin before you give up all hope. It’s just like uploading images in WordPress 2.3, which wasn’t bad at all. This whole Flash uploader mess — is Flash really even necessary, considering it’s not well supported on GNU/Linux? — along with the lack of password salting security hole pre-2.5 has really shaken my confidence in the WordPress developers. I’ll take basic functionality over flashy functionality any day of the week. And I wish they had followed this mantra a little more closely, as a simple Google search will reveal that I’m far from the only person having problems with WordPress 2.5.

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