Hard to believe it’s been a year

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I graduated University of Maryland. Compared to how quickly this one went by, all of the previous years in my life felt like eons. And the sad thing is I can’t really even point to anything that justifies the passage of a whole year (except possibly writing that novel, my work on Veropedia, and that telescope I haven’t finished yet). Nothing particularly amazing happened; I just worked, earned money, and wasted time. It’s kind of unfulfilling. At least I have this blog, which gives me some kind of accomplishment to point at. Otherwise, I would be really melancholic right about now, having blown a whole year on work, surfing the web, and playing games.

Whereas other people have New Year’s resolutions, I think it makes sense for me to have a Graduation Day resolution. I don’t want to be in the same place next year as I am today. I’m resolving to do more worthwhile things, in whatever form they may be. For now, I think that will involve a lot more writing. I’ll have to seriously cut down on idly browsing the web and channel that time towards my writing. I’ve already really cut down on my time spent playing games, so that’s good.

Eventually, though, I think I would like to go back to school. There’s something about being a professor that really appeals to me. I think I was one of the few students in my classes who really envied our professors. And I know I have the intelligence to accomplish that goal; it’s just a hell of a commitment. So for now I’ll continue working, saving up my money, and writing, but I do have my eye on more nobler goals.

2 Responses to “Hard to believe it’s been a year”

  1. Jeff V Says:

    What are your goals as a writer?

    I know you did some editorial stuff in college with the Diamondback. Is that what you want to develop in the future or would you prefer something more along the lines of fiction, screenplays, poetry?

    What is the status of your novel?

  2. Cyde Weys Says:

    Fiction! Definitely fiction. I did some poetry writing in a Creative Writing class in high school, and honestly, I had fun doing it, but I don’t think it’s my forte. And as for screenplays — bleagh. No interest there whatsoever.

    Well, I “finished” the novel in mid-December. I wrote another few thousand words just to reach a nice break point and then just kind of dropped it. It ends rather abruptly at around word 52,000 or so, but at least it’s a natural break point. Picture the end of the second Matrix movie and you’ve got it (in terms of abruptness, not content). It definitely merits more writing or a sequel or something.

    But I probably won’t bother. The constraints of NaNoWriMo are great for putting a lot of words down on paper in a short time, but not so good for actually yielding a good final product. I was writing so furiously that I never really stopped to plan out the entire plot beforehand. Thus, I figured out a lot of the details as I went along, and thus, there were lots of inconsistencies. I’m not even sure if it’s salvageable. I am sure that I could spend a hell of a lot of time editing it to even half-decent shape.