Syntax highlighting “Hello, world”

Don’t mind me; I’m just trying out the Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugin. It’s pretty awesome, huh?

public void HelloWorld() {
	String txt = "Hello, World!";

2 Responses to “Syntax highlighting “Hello, world””

  1. William Says:

    Do you do most of your coding in Java, or is that just what you picked for this? It seems like a good choice, since even someone who can’t code could understand it. Probably.

  2. Cyde Weys Says:

    Yes, I do do most of my coding in Java (both at work and for fun). Besides that, I’ve recently done some C# .NET and VB.NET development at work, and at home, I’m very comfortable hacking away on quick problems in Perl. There’s quite a few more languages I could list (Python, Lisp, Ruby, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, C++, et al), but I don’t use them all that often anymore, so when I do, I’m frequently consulting tutorials to remember, say, what the name of a specific function I’m trying to think of is.