How to fix images not displaying in Microsoft Word 2007

Recently I’ve been hit by a bug (or what I thought was a bug) in Microsoft Word 2007: images embedded in the document did not display in any mode other than “Full Screen Reading”. And since the editing ribbons are not available in that mode, it’s hard to get work done. This all started when Word crashed on me one time; ever since then, images simply haven’t been displaying correctly. I get a border where the image should be and white space inside. But when I send the file to other people and they open it, they can view the images just fine. I can even add images to documents; I just can’t see them.

So I performed a Google search on this issue, but the only relevant “solution” was behind a paywall over at ExpertSexchange. After a few minutes of trying to figure it out on my own, I stumbled upon the solution, and to save everyone from the hell that is ExpertSexchange, here it is:

Click the Office Button (it’s in the upper left corner of Word), select “Word Options”, select “Advanced” in the left pane, scroll down to the “Show document content” subsection, and uncheck the “Show picture placeholders” option. Yes, it’s that simple. Somehow, when Word crashes, this option can get turned on all by itself. It’s really annoying because there’s no clue that Word is intentionally hiding images from you; it just feels like a bug. And the reason for this insane option?

Word 2007 Options dialog

That’s right, it’s for performance. And it improves performance only at the expense of severely crippling usability. You’d think this option should never be able to get turned on accidentally, yet there it is. At least you know the solution now.

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  1. drinian Says:

    “Improve scrolling performance?”

    What year is it, again?

  2. Cyde Weys Says:

    It makes me wonder what the minimum specs Office 2007 supports are. I’m guessing they’re low low low. You would have to think that a better solution would be to hide the images only when they’re scrolling? Then, if the user has scrolled to a new page that has images on it, have a timeout of a second or so before the images are rendered for display.

    I’m guessing this would solve the problem a lot more nicely.

  3. William (green) Says:

    I’ve used Word ’07 on some computers that were pretty much unusable if you were working on a document with pictures. I’m glad it’s there, though I didn’t know it was, I’ll definitely use it in the future.

  4. T2A` Says:

    Is it just me or is there GIGANTIC whitespace desert in this post?

  5. Cyde Weys Says:

    T2A`: Alas, that’s an interaction between the floating sidebar and the wide image. If you increase your browser window’s width so that the image can fit alongside the sidebar, the “desert” will disappear. It’s a problem with this WordPress theme I’m using. I just have to be careful of not using images that are too wide to fit in typical resolutions readers will encounter.

  6. T2A` Says:

    Hmm. I run Firefox in a window that’s about 1024×768 + 50px in each direction and it still doesn’t fit. I checked in Firebug and apparently the margin on the sidebar just barely overlaps with the image. D:

    At some point I realized I didn’t enjoy browsing at 1680×1050 so I don’t do it anymore. Too much eye movement required, tbh.

  7. Cyde Weys Says:

    I hear what you’re saying about the horizontal eye movement. That bugs me too. Reading in narrower lines allows for faster reading, which is why newspapers are the way they are. I’m just not willing to go for such a radical departure from web convention, and I find that having a wider browser window is ultimately a bigger pro than wide text is a con.

  8. T2A` Says:

    It’s not just the size, but on sites like this there’s just sooo much white that my brains start hurting. It all adds to the eye strain, and I’ve found a smaller browser window works wonders for it.

    I guess my point is you should use thumbnail’d images so you don’t alienate the 1024×768 crowd. :P

  9. Giles Says:

    I had been experiencing severe problems working on Word 97-2003 files sent to me because embedded picures would not display in my Word 2007. Your straightfoward explanation of the fix, by simply unchecking the ‘show picture placeholders’ box, has really saved the day for me. Brilliant and thanks.

  10. William (green) Says:

    Ha! I’d actually been wondering if anybody else didn’t like really wide lines, either. Good to know there are others. I keep my blog at about 750 pixels wide, with an extra 200 pixels of sidebar.

  11. Ogie Says:

    Thank you for your solution. You’re saving my life. :)

  12. Ray Says:

    Many thanks. Needed to finish a document rapidly and then this insane function kicks in. I knew it would be a simple fix, but I find the new Word ribbons deeply un-intuitive and why the ‘Word Options’ hidden in such an obscure location. It’s like bloody Cluedo.

  13. Alan Manning Says:

    I would sure like to know exactly what enabled this option. It wasn’t like this until recently. Thanks for the tip, I was beginning to get annoyed…

  14. Anna Says:

    Really usefull tip for just a simple fix which was difficult for me to find a few hours now.. thank you very muuuuuuch :) :) :)

  15. charity anne Says:

    Oh for goodness sake. Thank you so much! It was driving me crazy trying to fix it for my boss.

  16. Johnny B Says:

    I’ve just had a strange problem where not just images but all elements are appearing as code, i.e. table of contents are replace by { TOC … } , hyperlinks are replaced by {HYPERLINK … }, images are { EMBED … } and {PAGE } etc. This is happening on all edit modes *exept* Full screen reading. This affects all my documents (*.doc;*docx). Fortunately this mode has an edit option so I should be able to rescue the situation.

  17. Johnny B Says:

    Found the answer to my problem. Word Options —> Advanced
    “Show document content” section.
    Untick show field codes
    Untick show picture placeholders.

    I think the wrong settings came in when I merged changes from an emailed document, maybe?

  18. Alex Says:

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  19. Lori Says:

    I am running Word 2002 and had the very same problem which this solution fixed!! The only difference is the location of “picture placeholders” is under Tools/Options/View. Thanks!

    Johnny B – should fix your problem with the embedded code displaying instead of the real text. Good luck!

  20. Eva Says:

    Excellent! clear concise and it works! I hate the new ‘improved’ version of office.

  21. Rita Says:

    Oh my god!
    Had this bug, was driving me mental. Took me all weekend to do a couple of easy changes in a doc.
    YOU are an angel , man!
    Cheers for this!

  22. eyal sela Says:

    thanks, worked for me :)

  23. Janet Raynor Says:

    Thanks very much for this. Same happened to me a couple of weeks ago, couldn’t work out why, and it’s been driving me mad.

  24. Matt Says:

    Thanks, this has been driving me nuts in Word 2003 for the last few weeks. Lifesaver!!

  25. Al Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this – I’ve tried for months to resolve this problem!

  26. Larry Says:

    Worked like a charm.. Thanks for the great fix!

  27. Wendy Says:

    Thanks so much. Like everyone else I have been trying to solve this problem for a while.

  28. Jamal Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. ashabot Says:

    Gods bless you! :)

  30. TD Says:

    Thank you! have been grappling with this recurring problem for months! Such a simple fix for a problem that really shouldn’t exist.

  31. James Says:

    Thank you.

  32. Maarten Says:

    I can not thank you enough. It have am working on a 100 plus page word document that just when white.
    It would have been a nightmare if i had not found your solution!.. Many , many thanks

  33. Leo Says:

    Thanks a lot! Saved me a lot of trouble!

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    This is really awesome i searched in net a lot but only this site was helpful in fixing this problem….Appreciate it

  36. Tim Says:

    I have done several searches over several months on and off to find a solution. Finally, that was so annoying.

    thank you thank you thank you

  37. Luis Says:

    I have a form of stationery in the .docx file, when i go to print i do not print the header or footer, where are the company logo and addresses and other elements of the company, can help me make print all of these elements please

  38. coder Says:

    dude.. thanks ALOT.

    here i was thinking id have to hand in my thesis on a laptop with full screen reading mode..

  39. Steve Says:

    Out of NOWHERE, when I copy an image from the Internet, I can not longer see them. I see a “box” around where the image should be. I tried reloading Word. It didn’t help. I have XP Dell, 2007 Word. Does anyone have any ideas?
    Thanks much.

  40. rachel Says:

    thank you, thank you! this has been driving me mad!

  41. del_piero Says:

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  42. Timbo Says:

    Never woulda thought in a million years…

    Thanks for that!

  43. Bruno Pimenta Says:

    I just had to thank you, because this stupid “error”, bug or whatever gave me a good scare.

    If you where here I would pay you a beer… thank you so mutch…


  44. Karimi Says:

    Thank you so much for this post! Had a bunch of guys all staring at my screen trying to figure out what was wrong cause yesterday it was ok and today its bust! so relieved!!

    *shakes fist at microsoft*

  45. Josh Willits Says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  46. MiauNeko Says:

    Thank you soooo much xD. I knew it was as simple as that and, of course, I couldn’t find the solution.

    Best regards ^_^.

  47. Hamman Says:

    What a legend! If you ever feel the inclination to publish such an simple solution to such a debilitating problem, do so – your solution helped so much! (after a very long time of not being able to see the images)

  48. Verbott Says:

    thank you, at last the solution for that .. :)
    its been making me crazy for days now..

  49. Krzysztof Says:

    Thank you very very much. It was making me crazy and I couldn’t find a solution for a long time. Thanks again. Cheers.

  50. Javier Says:

    Thanks very much, easy but you needed to find it, otherwise you think there is a bug somewhere.

  51. Gregg Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to publish this solution – I’ve been knocking my head against a wall for too long on this!

  52. Slava Says:

    Thanks man for finding time to share this remedy! Big help!

  53. NicT Says:

    Ah, the wonders of the Internet. Here it is over a year since the fix was posted and it’s still improving the lives of confused souls like me. Wonderful! And many thanks.

  54. Chris S Says:

    Thanks so much for this. Word 2007 was beginning to stress me out, but I can feel my blood pressure returning to normal levels now! :-)

  55. Ayat Elshamy Says:

    You made my day :)

  56. ka hong Says:

    Thank you a lots , u really solved my problem. amazing!!!

  57. Aninda Das Says:

    I accidentally clicked on this check box and saw a dumb whitespace in place of embedded pics ever since…. till I came across this nice post. Many thanx dear mate. May ur tribe increase.

  58. Kevin Ramsey Says:

    Thanks very much. It was driving me round the bend. I also had another symptom of the crash – dotted boxes around my text which I couldn’t get rid of. It is in the same bunch of options. “show text boundaries”. Again just uncheck it. Now I’m back to normal.

  59. Maryn Boess Says:

    Oh my gosh, I am SO glad I found your simple fix. Like Kevin (previous poster) I had other symptoms show up too — all of which absolutely drove me crazy, all of which showed up for no discernible reason, and none of which were addressed in any of the Microsoft “help” items. This has been driving me crazy for weeks. Now I’ll have to find something else to use as an excuse for being crazy! Thank you.

  60. Aylin Says:

    Thanks from Bulgaria!!! :)
    I have searched in Google for the solution of this problem (tried several explanations of the problem) – but couldn’t find out how to solve this issue, until I came upon here! Thank you again! Now I can go on working on my diploma project! :)))

  61. Chris Says:

    Well, this didn’t work for me.

    Neither did these suggestions from Microsoft:

    It looks like it might be my crappy on-board video “card”. *sniff* I’ll tell you, they expect a lot around here. Expecting us to actually be productive on these 5yo PCs is like expecting a carpenter to pound nails with a rock.

    I did like your ExpertSexchange joke, though. I don’t pay for their answers either. Hmmm, they have a hymen…HYPHEN….in their name now….I seem to recall a few years ago it was actually

  62. joe Says:

    gaaak- i just wasted my valuable time typing in a response and then got your unfuckingreadable confirmation graphic, THEN on subsequent tries NO graphic. Stop wasting my time!!!!!

  63. Liam Says:

    Me too – I searched Google for the following terms ”ms word 2007 stop displaying images”, “ms word 2007 disable image printing”, “ms word 2007 print text only”, “ms word 2007 don’t print images”, “ms word 2007 turn off image printing” in a vain hope that I could find it. I guess that’s one hour of my life that I’ll never get back – how does a major software powerhouse let stuff like this slip through – it seems such an obvious one.

    Hopefully, by including my search terms in this comment, somebody else will find it and not have to go through the frustration I went through.

    Thanks very much for your information – helped me to solve it.



  64. Cat Says:

    THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH, JOHNY B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  66. RK Says:

    For me the option “Show drawings and text boxes” was the culprit.
    Thanks for the tip.

  67. Phil Tinsley Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Now why is it that none of those dopes at Microsoft, nor their so-called “Knowledge Base”, nor any of their so-called “Help” sites know anything about this?

  68. Nancy Says:

    THANK YOU! I had this problem after Word 2003 crashed on me. I called tech support and they said I had to pay $49 to get the problem resolved. You saved me money I didn’t have!!!

  69. Suhanti Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!! I don’t know what I will do without people like you, publishing solutions.
    so grateful.
    God bless

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    Thank you, worked well!

  73. Michelle Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I have been so frustrated with Windows 2007 – it seems like one thing after another and none of the Microsoft help is of any use!

  74. Pranav Kumar Says:

    Thank you very much.

  75. Winny Says:

    Thank you so much…. I didn’t even think it as a bug, I was about to reinstall the whole thing Again!!!…

    Thank you again :)

  76. Winny Says:

    Thank you so much… I was about to reinstall the whole thing Again!!!

    Thank you again :)

  77. Wael Ali Hassan Says:

    Hey man
    Thanks a lot for your time and concern, it was really a pain in the ass, especially that I had the same problem on my desktop, with Office 2003, and also I could not solve the problem, and when the people ask me why the images does not show, I claim to them that I did it on purpose to make the computer faster, but I have a big big laptop, but still I say the same thing. Thanks for saving me from embarrassment.

  78. Waqas Ahmed Says:

    Thank you so much bro..

    that was of great help :)

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    excellent work! did just the trick

  81. Remco Says:

    Thanks mate, was looking for the solution for over 2 weeks now. Thanks!

  82. David Belove Says:

    I was really hoping this would solve my image display problem, but when I looked at the show picture placeholders it was already unchecked. Any other thoughts about why I get a little red x instead of my .bmp logo image in the header of my document?

  83. Max Says:

    ymmd, thx! <3

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    Thank you, it works

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    Thank u very much..
    I was very disturbed by this problem. Thank u for the solution….

  86. kings Says:

    this is very helpful.thats a lot for the has saved many stress

  87. Todd Says:

    You sir are a scholar and a gentleman !!! Thank you soooo much for this solution. I have been living with this issue for a while due to the fact that it just wasnt important enough for me to research. It finally annoyed me enough to do a second google search and BINGO !!! … again Thanks !!

  88. Todd Says:

    strike that, reverse it … Gentleman and a scholar !!!

  89. T Says:

    Wow, am I grateful! You just about saved my life – was about to go crazy needing to solve the problem fasst and not finding the solution anywhere, and then it was so simple! I have a deadline to keep, and after my computer got up and running after a crash, the time I have for the job is very limited – and then I couldn’t see the equations I needed to write in the text, only those blank boxes…. It was killing me! Thank you so much for being so generous that you save the rest of us poor souls lost in Microsoft-world! You’re great! :-)

  90. Tom Says:

    Microsoft word has been giving me fits for years with links to images.

    I have a very large document with my family history in it and I insert links to hundreds of pictures by using the insert picture, from file, insert link to picture feature.

    If I ever copy the directory to another computer or to a different drive, I find all the links broken. I toggle field codes to see what is wrong with the field code and the field code looks perfectly valid. The directory path and image file name is fine but I still see the rectangle with the broken link icon. The only way I have found to recover is to delete the link and re-insert the image which takes hours every time this happens.

    Also, when I insert new images, it often inserts a path that is incredibly long such as ..\documents and settings\..\user\..\..\..\tmr\…

    Is there another document editor out there that doesn’t have all these problems?

  91. whycare Says:

    Thank you for the information!!! I’ve no idea why this option was turned on suddenly. I’ve tried restarting MS Word again and again, restarted my computer, and bugged office MIS one whole day.

    I’m short of re-installing the whole MS Office system. Your solution saved me!!

  92. Laks Says:

    The solution worked and was to the point. Thanks very much.

  93. Lucy H-T Says:

    Thank you for this. I was working on a 140 page doc when it crashed and thought I had lost them for good!

  94. DavidW Says:

    Yup … it turned out to be genuinely that simple! Thanks.

  95. Handy Says:

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  96. simar01226 Says:

    Hello Sir,

    Please help me out as well with two problems I am facing with MS Word 2007 documents.
    1. When I write some text (English font), it appears perfect but when I print it, there are only special characters like !”#$%'() in the printout. I do not get any text.
    2. And, second is the problem similar to what you have discussed above. I am not able to see any figure I add, but in full screen view, it is there. However, when I followed the steps, you mentioned, I found that “Show pictureplaceholder” was already unchecked in my case!

    I would be very grateful if you could tell my some way out!

    Thanks in advance!

  97. EBean Says:

    Thank You SO much!

  98. Jacob Christ Says:

    Argh!!!!! I have a similar problem, but my images will not display in outline mode only, fine in all other modes… !@#$%*


  99. Prajish Says:

    That was a real solution. Me also feel that this option is for better performance. But this is very annoying.. May be a bug…

    Any way I have reported this is Microsoft forum… and waiting for the responses

  100. Kanchana Says:

    It is really a great help you did by posting this details. it saved me hell lot of time, one of my document to Client had got spoiled because of this issue, now i got back all the details.

    thanks a lot for this posting and it really made a big difference.

    thanks again,

  101. snooz Says:

    wow, this was driving me nuts on several computers! many thank ye’s good sir

  102. Grant Gilchrist Says:

    Thank you so much! Like you, I thought it was a bug, especially since the Picture Tools – Format ribbon doesn’t appear any more. I was getting ready to uninstall Word and re-install because I thought a major piece of functionality had been corrupted. Thanks again!

  103. James Says:

    If any IT folks are reading this, there is a Group Policy setting that you can apply for this as well.

    Thanks for posting this!

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    I would like to thank the gentleman who gave the solution to “pictures not showing in Word 2007 by eliminating the mark in “show picture placeholder” because he saved me a lot of time. It is very seldom that i can fix something wrong with a Microsoft product goind directly to Microsoft.

  107. Arjun Says:

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    I’ve been experiencing this problem for a couple of weeks. I’ve even reinstaled the office and was getting very frustated with this problem.
    Thank you verymuch for sharing this issue. God bless you, Man.

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    I Reinstalled, but it didn’t help anything… I wish I had seen this a bit earlier, but thanks alot…

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  118. Guddy Says:

    I have frequenty run into this problem whereby links to images seem to get lost and you see a check box with a red X followed by “The linked image cannot be displayed. The file may have been moved, renamed, …”

    This will occur if you change the name of any folder in the path to the images, but I have seen this without any changes being made. Word just seems to lose the link somehow. I fixed this by clicking on Office Button -> Prepare -> Edit Links to Files. All the linked objecs are listed and the path is shown below the links window. If you use Table of Figures, those links will appear the list above the links to images. You can select a specific item in the list or better just highlight all the ones you want to update or change path (click on first one then go to the bottom and Shift-click to highlight a range or all images). Then either: click Update Now (if path to images is correct) or Change Source which allows you to select the correct path to the images.

  119. David Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I was scared my work was corrupted.

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  124. Steve Summers Says:

    You’d think the brain-dead developers at MS would think to put a checkbox for this on the VIEW menu, so you could turn it on and off as-needed. If you are jumping around a large document with lots of graphics on a slow machine, you could just turn it off- just like you can with the ruler and the gridlines. Idiots.

  125. Steve Says:

    While we’re on the subject of Word 2007 bugs–

    I recently upgraded to Word 2007 from Word 2003. Oddly, I’m finding that sometimes when I type, some letters are either not appearing on the screen or are appearing only after a brief time lag. It doesn’t seem to happen all the time, but enough of the time to have become a most annoying problem. It’s not a computer issue, because the problem does not occur outside of Word; nor did it ever occur with Word 2003. I Googled the problem and discovered that other people have had similar experiences. Unfortunately, no one had a satisfactory solution. Can anyone help?

  126. Norm Says:

    Thanks… You just saved my bacon….. I thought I had lost everything. This is close to thedumbest option I have ever seen.

  127. Editrix Says:

    Thank you!!! I thought the documents I had been working on had become unusable and was wondering if I needed to reinstall Word or something equally dramatic…

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    Thank you so much… This was driving me batty

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    the PITA website you’re referring to, shouldn’t that be ? ;-)
    just for the record, those expertsexchange links are less than useless.
    thanks for the tip!

  131. Sara Hotchkiss Says:

    Still doesn’t work.

    i needed to cut and paste one image fromone document to another,

    i need the image to be “behind text”.

    it’s behind text alright, but all the text acts as though it is highlighted in a white color.

    it shows wierd white bars that go in front of the image for every line of text.

    there’s no highlighting turned on, and i tred all these steps.

    this was never an issue in word 2003

    -thanks in advance,


  132. Abhijit Says:

    I had the same problem…
    After uncheck the “Show picture placeholders” it looks good…

  133. Maggieee Says:

    Johnny B, Nov 28, 2008: thank you so much, I had the exact same problem, totally solved it.

  134. Angela Says:

    Thank you so much! You just saved me from damaging company property. =)

  135. Virendra Says:

    after googling for FIVE minute i found that the issue is due to picture placeholder option, but couldnt find the way to reach it…

    Thanks alot.. You save my time.

  136. cs Says:

    Thanks a bunch. Just FYI for me this option seems to have been “abled” after installing drivers for microsoft mouse. I am a Windows fan but glitches like this make me wonder.

  137. John Says:

    THANK YOU!!! That has been driving me crazy for the last couple of days, and all people kept saying was “I dunno, maybe you should re-install MS Office.” By the way, if you also un-select the “Show Text Boundaries” box in the same menu, you also get rid of that annoying box.

  138. EE Says:

    Thanks a lot. I was that close to reinstalling….
    Thanks Again

  139. jh Says:

    I’m encounterring a problem with my Word 2007 —- Its “Look-Up” feature is disfunctioning. I’d be grateful if anyone could tell me how to resume the function. The Look-Up feature comes up while left-clicking the mouse, it acts similar to a online dictionary—- handy and useful for look-up a word. Thanks and expecting someone to help me. jh

  140. doriongreat Says:

    Two years later this post is still useful. Thanks for providing a simple fix for this stupid problem. Word’s behaviour is just inexplicable sometimes.

  141. Carrie Says:


  142. Toinette Says:

    Excellent, THANKS! After my document crashed, I could only see the code values for all of my citations and automatic tables, such as contents, bibliography, etc. The solution was only a few checkboxes down in ‘show field codes instead of their values’, if that’s useful to anyone. Very relieved!

  143. Ashok Says:

    Thank you. For me, the problem is same. But, the filed “Show picture placeholders” mentioned here already unchecked. After comparing all the fields, field “show field codes instead of their values”(last one in “show document content”) is checked. After unchecked this field, i am able to see the images.

  144. HK Says:

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  145. Shailesh Says:

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    I have recently upgraded to 2007 from 2003 an have been puzzling over this problem for weeks. What bugged me was that when you resized the picture, it re-appeared like magic, then disappeared again! However, what puzzles me even more is why I didn’t look to the web sooner. Many thanks for the fix

  151. Sharon Says:

    Hi Everyone.

    Please help … I have this image problem that I copied and pasted into my Word 2007 document, it appears as cropped image (somehow the image was cropped to appear only 1/9th of the full image).

    It used to work fine but somehow one day it doesn’t work anymore. I am so desperate that I have resorted to Reset Word to Factory Setting by deleting the entire keys from “HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Office/12.0/Word”. Basically I deleted the “Word” folder that contains the entire keys. Even doing so, I still have this problem …

    Could someone please help …


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    Literally saved my life, was writing my dissertation (that iss due in in three days) and it crashed and then this happened!!! Was about to cry because all the graphs and tables were saved in various word documents and nowhere else – was about to have a panic attack! WOO! p.s. microsoft are so stupid – hiding my pictures did not help me AT ALL!!!

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    Oddly enough when I changed styles it “fixed” the problem!

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    I’ve been suffering from this problem for ages, and have beed too lazy to look for a solution.
    I found a “solution” on Microsoft support:
    But it solves nothing!!

    My life is so much better now :)

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    Val C

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  181. Josie Says:

    whoah! thanks so much! My problem was actually that the “show field codes instead of their values” box was checked somehow; that option is also buried under the “Show document content” section on the Advanced tab. I had NO idea that was even there. You’d think they’d have a link to those settings off the View tab on the ribbon. Go figure. Anyways, thanks again for helping me figure out what was wrong!!

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    Once again the distinction between “bug” and “feature” is not blindingly obvious!

    Again, thanks so much for sharing. You’ve saved me a lot of time and frustration. Just tried it and it works.

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    Don’t know when and why it’s set automatically but now the problem is solved. Thanks.

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    Same here, with Word 2010. In the middle of polishing a paper with equations and a few diagrams, they vanish and these blocks show up. Multiple Google searches yielded nothing until I found yours. And I had looked at those options, but obviously not carefully enough. Thanks much! I hate Word with a passion (and don’t use it myself), but I have to work with others … .

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  188. Vee Says:

    Thank you too! As a side note, I had to completely close out all Word documents and re-open Word in order for the “uncheck” to take effect. I found this out only after checking, okaying, printing, and unchecking, okaying, printing several times.

    I originally thought optimal scrolling to be a good thing. blah. Thanks again.

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    (I also like the reference to the “expert” pay for information site… very very funny!)

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    This “feature” was really starting to rile me. Improve scrolling performance me arse!

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    Thank you! You same me and my family, to whom I would be grumpy all week…usability testing!


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    There are ways to improve scrolling performance without doing this…
    I still think it is a bug in word, and Microsoft, instead of solving the real problem decided to hide under a stupid option..

  217. Iain Says:

    Thanks for the solution…but why do MS insist on making their products *so* unusable. This is why I continue to use Office 2003!

    Even finding the ‘Options’ option isn’t straightforward. I hope MS have learnt that this is just a disaster of UI design

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    Is there any other reason it will not display?!!

    (Unfort cannot save image from the mailbox as does not give me this option when imbedded)

  248. Russ Says:

    This did NOT work for me.

    Here’s what solved the problem on my XP machine running Office 2007:

    Internet Explorer was set to work offline. Yeah, Internet Explorer! What it has to do with Outlook beats me! But setting IE to work online solved the problem.

    Here’s how:

    Start Internet Explorer
    Click File
    Uncheck “Work Offline”

    Wow. What a PITA this was!

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    Props to you for pointing me in the right direction … However, the true checkbox that fixed the my slightly different issue of CODE being displayed in TOC and the places where images and Field Variable Values were to be displayed is controlled by a different setting.

    “Show field codes instead of their values” is the setting that I found “Checked” when it should have been “Unchecked” following a Word Crash … same scenareo that caused your issue.
    Once I cleared the checkbox, the TOC and all embedded Images and Field Variable Values appear in the familiar WYSIWYG format we have all come to depend upon when creating documents.

    So, perhaps you can post an additional screenshot with that setting highlighted as an alternative root cause for this behavior or start a separate thread on this similar but slightly different topic. Of course, we may never know the true root cause for how this symptom comes into being from a simple application crash, but perhaps it’s a throw back to the days of when the “” file would get corrupted rather easily and then word didn’t function at all … in this case, I suspect a bad (but not so bad as to disable Word completely) which is were all these settings are held in the first place. I’ll leave that digging to someone who has more time. Ü

    Thanks for helping me find the right area to start looking. I was getting ready for a reinstall which probably would have left me right where I started. Now I can go back to earning my paycheck. Cheers!

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    You’re a genius. I stumpled upon the same solution but via a different channel from within Outlook:
    1. Open a new email message as if to send, but don’t.
    2. In top left corner of message window left click the Office Button
    3. In lower right corner of pop up, left click “editor options” / NOTE: if you search on “outlook email editor options” within Outlook help, you get no results.
    4. In editor options pop up, select Advanced in left column. (looks different from posted above)
    5. Scroll down to Display Email Content.
    6. Make sure “Show Picture Placeholders” is NOT checked.
    7. Make sure “Show Drawings and Text Boxes on Screen” is checked.
    8. Click OKAY at bottom right of pop up. That takes you back to original blank message.
    9. Escape out of the message without saving.
    10. Go to inbox and select a message with graphics to see if it worked.
    11. It should work. If it doesn’t, try exiting Outlook and restarting it.
    12. If that doesn’t work, go to Outlook Tools/Trust Center/Automatic Downloads/ (again) and make sure that “Don’t download pictures automatically in HTML …” selection box is NOT checked. Click Okay and get out of there. if that doesn’t work, you have my sympathy.

    Just want to post this because it was SO AGGRAVATING tying to find the answer, this might increasethe chances of a search finding your page.

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    I’m using Word 2011 on a Mac; never even realized that option existed until reading your post.

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    This TOTALLY worked for me!!!

    You’re a genius. I stumpled upon the same solution but via a different channel from within Outlook:
    1. Open a new email message as if to send, but don’t.
    2. In top left corner of message window left click the Office Button
    3. In lower right corner of pop up, left click “editor options” / NOTE: if you search on “outlook email editor options” within Outlook help, you get no results.
    4. In editor options pop up, select Advanced in left column. (looks different from posted above)
    5. Scroll down to Display Email Content.
    6. Make sure “Show Picture Placeholders” is NOT checked.
    7. Make sure “Show Drawings and Text Boxes on Screen” is checked.
    8. Click OKAY at bottom right of pop up. That takes you back to original blank message.
    9. Escape out of the message without saving.
    10. Go to inbox and select a message with graphics to see if it worked.
    11. It should work. If it doesn’t, try exiting Outlook and restarting it.
    12. If that doesn’t work, go to Outlook Tools/Trust Center/Automatic Downloads/ (again) and make sure that “Don’t download pictures automatically in HTML …” selection box is NOT checked. Click Okay and get out of there. if that doesn’t work, you have my sympathy.

    Just want to post this because it was SO AGGRAVATING tying to find the answer, this might increasethe chances of a search finding your page.

    Thanks so much cause it was driving me CRAZY!

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    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. One of my users was having issues with Word not displaying images, and it turned out to be the next checkbox down which had somehow unchecked itself: “Show drawings and text boxes on screen”

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    Thanks so much. This option was turned on in Word when default settings were restored on my Outlook to fix a different problem that appeared with my new desktop.

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    Was just working up the courage to ask for one more time when your solution saved the day!!

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    This was a big help, but that box was not checked on my machine. However, when I looked at it full screen I could FINALLY see the images. The box up at the right of the screen that says “show options” has a selection I clicked on that says allow typing. When I selected that, it allowed me to click on what I wanted to delete, and then I hit “backspace” and got rid of it, then went on to the next hidden image. I don’t know WHY that happened, but my blood pressure is down about 20 points thanks to this great solution.

  301. Andyman Says:

    WORD 2010: I found a similar problem that will also cause pictures to not display. On my computer, the picture wasn’t showing up, and instead it was showing { HYPERLINK C:\filename.jpg }. We tried the “show pictures placeholders” solution above but it did not solve the problem.

    A different message board said to ALSO UNCHECK “Show field codes instead of their values”. This was checked on my machine and it caused the problem. The effect was it was not showing the value (the picture) it was showing the field code (the file extension). Not sure how this got checked in the first place, but make sure that *both* “show pictures” and “show field codes” are BOTH UNCHECKED.

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    InWord 2007 when I want to insert a picture to forward to someone everyone tells me they see nothing on receipt of the email or some dont even get the email.

    I tried sending it to myself (yeah, I am that desperate) and it only lands in my deleted box and not in the inbox
    I have no problem in opening that attachment I received from myself (it comes through as an attachment)

    I tried your suggestion above but it still doesnt help.

    Now for the humdinger…. and you can stop rolling your eyes…..LOL
    My default programme is Incredimail which I absolutely love for all the emoticons, etc., (reversed childhood kicking in) and in that programme I have saved pictures which I have taken from elsewhere and want to include them in an email sent from Incredimail ……some do and some dont end up in the email.

    Where they dont I usually find when I go to insert, then picture and apply it I end up with a big square with a small red cross in it and no picture in the content of my email.

    Next I tried inserting the picture I want from Word 2007 and it displays.
    I then copy it and move to Incredimail and try and paste it there.
    I am not given the option of a paste in the “thingy” (LOL) that should say copy,paste, etc.,

    By now you are hyperventelating I am sure……yeah, we walk among you……

    Come on! you sound like you know your way around problems – help out a nearly 70 year old technologically challenged old lady please! (now where is that fantastic emoticon I could use here! he he) :-)

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    I got a hint from one of my Google searches that there may be a problem with one of my Outlook files, so I ran the Outlook repair procedure (Start/Control Panel/Programs/Programs and Features then scroll down to – in my case – Microsoft Office Professional Plus, right click, then click on Change, slight wait while Setup prepares, then click on Repair) This takes a few minutes, but when it had finished and after a system restart everything was back to normal !
    So, don’t give up, there usually a fix somewhere!

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