Wherein my computer joins a Stand Alone Complex

A year ago, Drinian was in Akihabara, Japan and he happened to pick up some Laughing Man stickers. He didn’t end up using most of them though, and he figured I would get more enjoyment of them than he would, so he gave them to me. I highly suspect that he was correct, because I’m having a blast with them. Unfortunately I only have three left, so I have to start rationing them carefully, but here’s what I did with one of them.

I bought a new computer recently that has been serving as my primary GNU/Linux desktop for the past few weeks. I initially wanted to build a computer from parts, because there’s a huge hackerish appeal to it (and because it’s usually cheaper), but then I came upon a fantastic deal on a Dell small business computer that I couldn’t turn down. But it just left the hardware nerd in me a little bit unsatisfied. It’s just another Dell box; it’s totally blah. Hell, it even came with Windows Vista stickers on it (which I have since removed); yecch! Laughing Man sticker to the rescue!

Luckily, the Laughing Man sticker was just the perfect size to fit directly on top of the Dell logo. My computer has gone from corporate to geeky. It’s gone from slaving away on mundane tasks to joining a Stand Alone Complex and fighting in the guerrilla Free Software movement against Big Proprietary Software. Err, something like that. So thank you Drinian for the stickers!

Now if only I could replenish my supply of Laughing Man stickers without having to cross over eleven time zones.

4 Responses to “Wherein my computer joins a Stand Alone Complex”

  1. William (green) Says:

    Actually, I’m conveniently here in Japan. I’ll keep an eye out for them. I can ship letter-ish stuff back to the States for pretty cheap.
    You might also check J-list.

  2. drinian Says:

    William: I’m pretty sure that they came from the Gamers near the Akihabara train station. I remember them being near a selection of Evangelion t-shirts.

    However, that was well over a year ago.

  3. William (green) Says:

    I saw some here a while back in one of the… “otaku shops”? You know, those really shady-looking places with an assload of figures.

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