The move is complete

Let’s see, I graduated college a year and three months ago. I initially looked for housing in the local area with one of my college buddies, but our plans fell through, and in August of last year, almost exactly a year ago, I moved back in with my parents. Yeah, I know, not the coolest thing in the world, but hey, it was cheap and close to work. But moving back in after college kind of wears on you, you know? So I knew I would get out eventually; it was only a matter of time.

Well, the stars aligned and I have now moved back out of my parents house as of last night. I’m living with the friend I looked for a place with a year ago (whom you know as Grokmoo, for those of you from Supreme Commander Talk) and another friend from college, who just graduated this year. Just a half hour ago I finished wiring this house up with CAT6 cable, so our local area network is alive and well. And since it’s attached to 20/20 Mbps Verizon FIOS, well, it’s a pretty nice network to be on! Hence the lack of a blog post yesterday, and also why this one is so late: I really didn’t have Internet for over a day. Yeah, I don’t know how I survived either.

It’ll probably still be another couple weeks before I’m settled in here. I still have all sorts of things left to move from my parents’ house. Right now my bedroom just has a bed, a desk, and a lot of boxes — the dresser, nightstand, and bookcases haven’t made it over yet. I’m actually dressing out of a suitcase right now. But at least I have all the essentials. And a longer commute, unfortunately.

The usual non-navel-gazing blog posts should resume tomorrow.

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  2. KTC Says:

    I know how you felt. I’m on the moved back with parents stage while looking for a job.

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