Initial impressions of Denver

Here are some of my impressions of Denver so far, in no particular order (you may recall I’m here for the Democratic National Convention).

The teenagers here suck. Talk about midwest suburban angst. I’ve seen so many piercings, bad haircuts, and outright horrible emo-style outfits. Columbine actually makes some sense to me now. The teenagers that weren’t busy pissing me off with their stupid appearances were busy pissing me off by begging for money. I’ve never seen so many young beggars before (some of whom appeared homeless and baked out of their mind). Seriously, get a goddamn job. Maybe dropping out of high school wasn’t the smartest decision you ever made. One group of hoodlums begged my parents for money, saying “I’ll be honest, I just want a beer” (that might work when begging from college students, but not from Baby Boomers). And then as we passed them for a second time in the night they got all hostile, hurling insults at us. I don’t think they quite get the idea of begging.

The Hyatt Convention Center Hotel is nice. The Colorado Convention Center itself is huge, and it’s just being used as a staging ground for the actual Convention, which will take place at a basketball stadium and then a football stadium. There’s a good pizza place a block away from the hotel.

I ran into James Carville in our hotel two nights ago (this was either my second or third time meeting him, I can’t remember). He’s still as freaky looking as ever.

The Media Party last night at Elitch Gardens (which is actually a Six Flags) was fun. Imagine going to a normal amusement park, except the lines are a lot shorter and everything — food, games, alcohol — is free. The games of chance become frankly unbalanced when one has unlimited free tries at winning them. I saw so many people struggling around with huge stuffed animals. I hope they’re not trying to bring them back on planes anywhere. Also, Flobots performed at Elitch Gardens, which was fun to see, because their single Handlebars has been getting a lot of play time on the local radio stations in Washington D.C. Their bassist was good, but to me the star of the show was their female vocalist/electric violinist who was hot as all hell and good at both of her roles. It’s too bad she doesn’t feature in their breakout single at all.

There are so many police officers in and around the convention center. They’re really taking things seriously. They meander around in groups of four to over a dozen, and travel on foot, in patrol cars, in armored convoys, on bicycles, and I even saw a squad of them hanging on to the outside of a police pick-up truck, garbage-man style. Most of the police officers I’ve seen are equipped with heavy riot load-outs, including fully-shielded helmets, bargain-sized canisters of mace, taser guns, three-foot-batons, and bunches of plastic riot handcuffs. There are parts of the convention center that have more police officers in them than staffers actually going about their convention duties.

So, that’s about it for the first two days. The convention officially kicks off tomorrow, so things will be getting really busy. I’ll bring my camera with me and hopefully I’ll find some interesting people to take pictures of.

10 Responses to “Initial impressions of Denver”

  1. drinian Says:

    Yep, the amazingly endless, flat cul-de-sac suburbs of Denver seem custom-built to generate teenage ennui. It’s sort of the same pattern of growth that the NoVA Dulles corridor has seen over the last twenty years or so, with the same sort of effect. Or maybe they’re just not getting enough oxygen at that altitude.

    Good luck at the con — make sure to get some good cosplay pictures. Oh, wait…

  2. MrDolomite Says:

    “Columbine actually makes some sense to me now.” – While many of your observations and comments, both in this posting, and others in the past, have been worthwhile and interesting reading, this one is in extremely poor taste, and frankly, beneath the level of insightful commentary on the human condition one would have expected from you.

  3. T2A` Says:

    If you see a Fox News camera anywhere, be sure to go up to it and say “Fuck Fox News!” right in the lens. :]

  4. Cyde Weys Says:

    MrDolomite: Every so often I include a comment in poor taste just for the sake of it. Thank you for noticing.

    That said, I’m not trolling per se, because I do actually believe said opinion. I’m just expressing it in a manner designed to elicit a response. Columbine really was carried out by two of these disaffected youth – the kind who “rebel” against society through terrible clothing choices, who purposefully outcast themselves from their peers, etc. Just walking around Denver at night I’ve seen a lot of these kids so far. It’s really not a stretch to see how Columbine happened. A lot of the teenagers are all fucked up out here.

  5. T2A` Says:

    When in doubt, blame the emo kids, right?

    No amount of weird clothes and video games will make you a murderer, let alone a suicidal mass murderer. You have to be pre-fucked up to do that; it’s not something that you fall into. Being baked also fails to achieve such an effect.

    Your upper-middle class suburbia lifestyle has blinded you, I’m afraid, and it has made you sound like a whiny, spoiled cunt. :/

  6. Cyde Weys Says:

    T2A`, you’re fighting a strawman. I didn’t mention video games one bit, so your name-calling is … curiously misplaced. And it’s not the weird clothes that make a murderer, but it is a self-imposed isolation from society at large that can contribute toward it. The whole emo phenomenon is just ridiculous.

  7. T2A` Says:

    The “phenomenon” is little more than a passing fad. I can’t believe you haven’t caught on to that yet. Emo kids are no more bitter, angry, or depressed than the rest of “normal” society. The only difference is they’ve found an out, so to speak, and a way in which they can identify themselves amongst other emos. If anything they are less outcast than anyone else.

    The name-calling isn’t misplaced; you apparently have no clue what you’re gabbing on about. The point about video games was that you’ve done nothing but find a scapegoat for bad parenting or fucked-up genetics. You have to be raised incredibly poorly or born that special kind of fucked in the head. Listening to certain music, dressing a certain way, playing video games, etc. doesn’t magically turn you evil. Because, ultimately, you’ve got to be evil to pull that kind of shit off.

    Besides, the emo fad as you see it today wasn’t around back then. All you see now are whiny suburban kids who like to wear black, do their hair stupidly, and pretend they have it rough.

  8. Cyde Weys Says:

    Yes, the whole emo thing is little more than a passing, and Goth before that. I’m not attacking the silly fads themselves, but some of the feelings of isolation from society that sometimes coincide with them. If you read the original post carefully you’ll see that I’m merely making fun of the emos for their silly clothing and haircuts, but my real scorn is reserved for the teenage beggars, hooligans, and anti-socials. Thankfully, I haven’t seen many of them since the convention began; I guess they only come out on weekend nights.

    You clearly have a lot to learn about argumentation if you think calling someone a “whiny, spoiled cunt” is acceptable. Resorting to personal attacks when no one else is even slinging them around really points to the weakness of your argument; if you had an argument, you’d run with that instead. It’s the basest form of ad hominem, and I should point out, will not be tolerated here. Had your comment been left by anyone other than a regular commenter, I would’ve simply deleted it on sight.

    Incidentally, I think bad parenting itself is frequently a scapegoat. Teenagers aren’t little kids; they have a lot of responsibility over their actions. Even the law acknowledges this: witness how teenagers are frequently tried as adults for heinous crimes. Having bad parents isn’t a free pass; at some point, you are still responsible for your actions.

    Now I will agree with you that it requires a perfect storm of conditions to create a school shooter, including but not limited to a genetic predisposition to psychopathy, some form of mental illness, and severe feelings of isolation from society. It’s that last point that I was drawing an allusion to emos with. Of course I never said that all emos/Goths/whatever were psychopaths, but if you look at past school shooters, you start to see a bit of a pattern.

  9. T2A` Says:

    I didn’t say you were one; I said you were sounding like one. ;]

    Likening emos to the Columbine shooters when they’re nothing more than attention-seekers is equally unacceptable, but it’s your blog, so be Nazi-like if you wish. You, my friend, weren’t on campus during VT’s shooting last year. I was, and in being so, I feel I am at least a little entitled to call blatant stupidity cunt-like.

    Also, trying kids as adults apparently doesn’t help.

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