Musical talent comes out to Colorado to support Democrats

I saw Sheryl Crow, Sugarland, and Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds in concert last night. The venue was Red Rocks Ampitheatre, a gorgeous natural ampitheatre surrounded by red sandstone peaks on multiple sides with a beautiful view of nighttime Denver. It was probably the best concert venue I’ve ever been to. The only disadvantage was having to climb 200 steps just to go to the restroom.

The theme of the concert was the environment, with talks by various famous people including Colorado governor Bill Ritter, Colorado congressman John Salazar, Virginia governor Tim Kaine, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Ironically, my dad is currently suing one of the sponsors of the concert for polluting the environment, so perhaps it’s best to remember the distinction between what one says and how one acts.

Sheryl Crow and Sugarland were good, if not really my kind of thing. Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, on the other hand, were great. I’d never heard of Tim Reynolds before, but he’s an amazing guitarist, and he stole the show. He played the really intricate parts while Dave Matthews played the rhythm parts (and, of course, sang). Dave Matthews came off as being really high, or at the very least, “quirky”. Ignoring the weird stuff he was saying between songs was probably the best course of action. They played a lot of Dave Matthews’ biggest hits, most of which I was able to sing along with, and I was surprised by the richness of sound just two acoustic-electric guitars with no other musical backing were able to put out. A lot of that was thanks to Tim’s skill (and of course his large set of effects pedals, which had his guitar sounding like a Chinese mandolin in a couple of songs).

Tonight we’re seeing Crosby and Nash in concert, along with some others I haven’t really heard of before. If nothing else, at least the Democratic National Convention has attracted some good musical talent. I don’t think the Republicans quite get this caliber of musical talent at their events. In fact, I think they mostly just get sued for ripping off popular music by musicians who most definitely do not agree with their views.

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