I think Verizon hates me

I think Verizon hates me. Here’s proof hate isn’t too strong of a word:

Ever since we got Verizon FIOS, I’ve been using it to the maximum because, why not?, we’re paying for it. BitTorrent is definitely the best way to fully utilize a connection. In the screenshot above, note the total of 293.41 GB uploaded in 35 hours. That’s an average of 2.38 MB/s, or almost exactly the 2.50 MB/s (20 Mbps) that we’re paying for. Nice. The figure of 3.464 TB is a sum total for the past three months, a period in which I wasn’t even running BitTorrent most of the time, otherwise it’d be far higher. But averaging over a TB per month isn’t too shabby.

Oh, and my housemates have both been known to run BitTorrent on occasion. So yeah, I think Verizon hates us.

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