Tab overload

It’s not uncommon for me to find out that Firefox is using a gigabyte of RAM at any one time. Sure, that may seem like a lot, but I have a full 4 GB of RAM to work with, and Firefox is the most intensive thing I regularly use this computer for, so it works out just fine.

What’s that? You’re wondering how Firefox is the most resource-intensive program on my computer? Well, I have 98 tabs open at the moment. I just counted them. That says it all, really. Each tab is something I’ve come across in my web browsing that I’ve been meaning to read but haven’t gotten to yet. Yes, several dozen of the tabs are Wikipedia articles on a large variety of topics. Thanks to Firefox’s feature of saving all of the open tabs when you exit — or even when it crashes — some of these tabs are pages I’ve been meaning to read for literally weeks.

If you have fewer tabs open than I do at the moment, just be thankful that you haven’t dug yourself into such a deep web browsing hole. It would take days of nonstop reading to work this backlog off. Wikipedia is a fiend like that: each article generally links to several other articles that I also end up reading, and after not too long at that rate, you end up with a number of tabs in the triple digits. I once read most of the military technologies of World War II articles in the course of some many-hour browsing sessions across several days — and that was started by looking up a single, completely unrelated article.

I also cannot remember how I ever possibly browsed the web before the era of tabbed browsing. Those must’ve been dark ages so painful my mind has completely blotted them from memory.

5 Responses to “Tab overload”

  1. William (green) Says:

    Ever used Everything2? It’s much more all-consuming than Wikipedia, and I’ve been eaten by Wikipedia a number of times myself.

  2. Knacker Says:

    If it weren’t for tabbed browsing and 56k, I would not be a nerd who thinks.

    Without 56k, I would be spending all my time on youtube or newgrounds etc commenting on Dragonball Z AMVs (which I think are incredibly stupid), and without tabbed browsing I would have gotten mad at the whole thing, gone outside and probably gotten some girl pregnant.

    But this combination lets me put pages in the background while I’m waiting for them to load, and having to wait for them to load gives me plenty of time to read the page that’s in front of me. Now I know all about physics and biology, programming and all that stupid crap.

  3. drinian Says:

    Dude, I think you need to improve your information arbitrage skills and start making quicker decisions on whether to same those tabs…

    Although I do use a similar mechanism with Bloglines (“save this article”), on a much smaller scale.

    Tabs are a fantastic tool to avoid waiting for page loads, even on high-bandwidth connections.

  4. Cyde Weys Says:

    Other people accumulate years of garbage in their house that they’re afraid to throw away because they still want to hold onto it. All I do is hang onto my Firefox tabs. Let me have my vices.

  5. T2A` Says:

    Damn, dude. I get to about eight tabs and I start struggling to find my way around them. D:

    I bookmark things to read later and stash them in a temp folder. But since I’m like I am, I usually don’t end up reading them anyway.