Boy dies over XBOX360 punishment

I was going to say something really callous here, but thought better of it at the last moment, so I’ll just relate the facts and let you insert the callousness in your own mind:

A boy in Canada who ran away after his parents took his XBOX360 away as a punishment has been found dead in the woods nearly a month later.

So, the question to you, dear readers, is: is an XBOX360 worth dying over?

6 Responses to “Boy dies over XBOX360 punishment”

  1. T2A` Says:

    No, but if he reacted that severely to something so trivial, odds are he would have done something just as stupid sooner or later and turned up dead anyway. Fate, if you will. D:

  2. Ed Says:

    It’s a question of how much you value your liberty… Before, the boy had the liberty to play games, after he was punished, he had not.
    There’s also no mention about how fair and reasonable the punishment was. In the boy’s mind he probably had done nothing wrong. It was obviously not trivial to him and he probably wondered: “what will they do next, lock me in a closed, dark, windowless room?
    All of this is speculation on my part of course, I do not know the parents or the boy, but the xbox may not be the whole issue here.
    It is also very unlikely he left home to die, he died because he had bike problems and was caught by the snow, i.e. it could have happened to anyone unlucky enough.

  3. T2A` Says:

    He certainly had other avenues. He could have kept to playing his friend’s 360 or buying his own in secret. The fact that he made the mental jump over all the other possibilities says he probably wasn’t too damn bright.

    To me it’s similar to someone getting up on a bridge and claiming they’re going to jump even if they have no intention to. The idea is to go for the attention and shock factor. Then they slip and fall. Sucks, yes, but they shouldn’t have fucking been up there in the first place. D:

  4. Cyde Weys Says:

    T2A`: A lot of suicides end up with people talking themselves into it. They think they’re just grandstanding, just going for attention, etc., and the next thing they know, the world is a blur and they’ve gone ahead and done it. I read one particularly interesting interview about a man who survived jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. He said he counted to ten once and nothing happened; he was just sort of doing rehearsals. He counted to ten again and the next thing he knew he had jumped off the bridge without even necessarily consciously wanting to do so, and he regretted it all the way down to the water.

    Think of all of the failed suicide attempts that people go through (at least as many as 100X as many suicides as there are). Most of these people don’t really mean to actually kill themselves, they’re just experimenting with going through the motions, crying out for help, etc. But every so often they succeed.

    One of the really interesting parts of the article I read about the Golden Gate Bridge (which was focusing on the new anti-jumper safety mechanisms they’re putting into place) was that people who survived suicide attempts had the same average lifespan as the rest of the population. They tended to die of old age more than anything else. So it’s not true that people that commit suicide are intent on doing so and will manage to find a way no matter what (the argument of the people who were against putting nets on the bridge or adding taller railings). Make the most obvious/romantic suicide method just a bit harder and suicides will decrease. People who commit suicide really are just a victim of their immediate circumstances, and we do owe it to them and to society to try and prevent it if possible.

    All of which, bringing us back to the boy in Canada in a circular fashion, means I don’t think the kid deserved to die, even despite his stupidity. I just don’t understand the circumstances that led to him dying of exposure. Unless situations somehow really rapidly deteriorated to the point that he couldn’t make it the couple of miles back to civilization, how did this tragedy happen?

  5. Cyde Weys Says:

    Looks like he died from falling out of a tree. I guess that makes more sense.

  6. Brandon Smith Says:

    Yes because it is awesome!!!!!!!!!