Tanks in rush hour

This makes twice in one year that my commute home from work has been slowed by rubbernecking delays thanks to tanks being in the pull-over lane just south of the American Legion Bridge crossing the Potomac River along the Capital Beltway in Virginia.

The tanks are always on semi-trailers traveling in convoys. It’s been too dark for me to make a positive identification both times, but they were not inconsistent with being M1 Abrams tanks. I don’t know why the United States Army feels that it’s necessary to move its tanks around during rush hour, nor do I know why they seem so hesitant to cross the bridge (weight concerns maybe?).

I’ve come to accept long delays on my commute home due to accidents. I’ve even begrudgingly come to accept long delays on my commute home for no apparent reason at all. But I’m never going to accept a convoy of fricking tanks on the side of the highway causing lollygagging rubberneckers to grind traffic to a halt. Have you really never seen a tank before? Did all of you somehow manage to miss the television news coverage of Desert Storm?

5 Responses to “Tanks in rush hour”

  1. T2A` Says:

    Because seeing it on TV is just like IRL.

  2. drinian Says:

    Because 495 is pretty narrow, and seeing a tank coming up close in your windshield is enough to make most people slow down?

  3. William (green) Says:

    On the other hand, at least the tanks aren’t moving around during rush hour. You think them being moved causes delays?

  4. Knacker Says:

    Tanks are badass. Why do you hate america?

  5. Ed Says:

    In the words of George Orwell:
    “The high sentiments always win in the end, the leaders who offer blood, toil, tears and sweat always get more out of their followers than those who offer safety and a good time. When it comes to the pinch, human beings are heroic.”
    A certain amount of fear has always to be kept amongst the population, in order for it to agree with the views of it’s leaders. Surely, tanks on the street are a great way to achieve this, no?