Right-wing terrorism

Today, an anti-semitic terrorist attacked the Holocaust Memorial in Washington D.C. (I’ve been there, and yes, one visit is enough for a lifetime). Last week, an anti-abortion terrorist assassinated a doctor.

Why is the media so afraid to use the word “terrorist” to accurately describe right-wingers engaged in the act of terrorism? Is it that whites can’t be terrorists? Only Arabs?

Until we call it what it actually is, we can’t address it properly.

And since right-wingers were so keen on using water-boarding against terrorists, do you think they’d mind if we tortured these home-grown right-wing terrorists?

2 Responses to “Right-wing terrorism”

  1. Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp Says:

    Perhaps a better question is, why you automatically jumped to the conclusion that since he’s a racist, he’s also a “right-winger”? Why does racist imply “right-wing” in your mind?

    The evidence shows that he hates Bush, thought 9/11 was an inside job by Bush, hates the War in Iraq as a Jewish plot, hates Fox News, and thinks that Christianity was a Jewish plot by the Apostle Paul to destroy Roman culture. The truth is, this man is a fanatical, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian socialist, white-supremacist. (See Holocaust Museum Shooter: Christian-Hating Socialist, which also contains all the media references you need to show the media is not afraid to perform the labeling you seem to desire.)

  2. Fredsworld Says:

    It’s funny how you label any one who is conservative as a right wing terrorist. SEIU union thugs would never be called terrorists would they? There is hate in all people! No one group is immune! Racism is an equal opportunity hater! All races have bigots and haters and until we call it like it is we good, decent, loving, kind, respectful and honest people will never have any peace!