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Long time no blog

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here — over a year, anyway, which might as well be a decade in Interwebs time. The funny thing is that this blog gets more views now than it ever did before. That’s right, the Google searches leading to the backlog of old content have continued to drive traffic in ever increasing numbers even though nothing new has been posted in awhile. As a result of that, the AdSense ads on this site continue to support the cost of server hosting; hence why the site is still around even though I haven’t written anything new in awhile. Now I’m not making any money off it, but it’s always nice to have access to a co-hosted GNU/Linux server running somewhere (especially when said access is free).

One wonders what traffic on this site might be like now if I had kept updating it regularly, but whatever. I used that time for other things. Like reading!

I’ve been working my way through Modern Library’s Top 100 English Novels of the 20th Century. I’ve also been taking many a detour through other classic American novels that didn’t make the board’s list (To Kill A Mockingbird anyone?) and that I never got a chance to read in high school or college.

Most recently I read John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row. I’m going to have to go back and read a bunch more of his books (the only other one I think I’ve ever read was The Grapes of Wrath, back in high school). I really enjoy him as an author, especially the little textural vignettes that have nothing to do with the main story. Unbelievably, one of my friends recently cited these interesting interruptions as a reason why they didn’t like Steinbeck. Crazy talk.

Also, Ernest Hemingway has been very enjoyable. I really appreciate what he’s able to convey using such few words. I know I can write that simply, but my icebergs wouldn’t have anything below the surface of the waves.