About me

Hello, and welcome to my little enclave on the web. On the net, I go by the pseudonym Cyde Weys (see where the name comes from). In real life, my name is Ben McIlwain. I’m currently employed as an IT Consultant. My job entails working in teams on large enterprise content management and business workflow management software projects and interfacing with clients.

In May 2007 I graduated from University of Maryland, College Park with a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Astronomy. Besides these two subjects, I’m interested in science in general (evolution in particular), math, writing, gaming, GNU/Linux and the Free Software and Free Culture movements, Wikipedia, science fiction, and politics. I was a columnist for University of Maryland’s daily student newspaper, The Diamondback, for the three semesters leading up to graduation. You could definitely describe me as liberal progressive, including nearly all of the views that entails.

I’m very out-spoken and I love a good argument. I’m not particularly fond of religion. It seems like I already spend a large part of my life online, so I might as well have a little section of it to call my own; hence Cyde Weys Musings. This is far from my first website, nor is it really even my first blog. It’s just the only site that I’m currently updating. I’ve been on the web for twelve years now (since nearly the beginning!), and along the way, I’ve seen and done all sorts of stuff.

The kind of people I hate the most are the willfully ignorant.

Space fascinates and enthralls me.

To reach me, drop me an email at cydeweys AT gmail DOT com. Make sure to pick a good email Subject. That’s also my Google Talk user name (which, when I am online, is the faster way to reach me). Or I’m on AOL Instant Messenger too; my user name there is Cyde2.