The media continues playing petty politics

Monday, December 10th, 2007

First they came for John Edwards and his hair. Now they come for Mitt Romney and his hair. Could they please stop making a mockery of the political process? I really don’t give a damn about our candidates’ hair. The issues are much more important. I oppose Mitt Romney as president for a whole host of reasons, but his hair isn’t one of them. I spoke out when they attacked John Edwards, so it’s only fair, for equality’s sake, to speak out when they attack a candidate I don’t like.

The media has a huge responsibility to the American people because what they report ends up forming the majority of people’s opinions on the candidates. Yet they abuse that responsibility so terribly. Reporting on a candidate’s hair making him seem too much like a newscaster? Please! How about reporting on how he’s a religious whacko who thinks atheists have no part in America? That’s the much bigger story.

Tracking candidate popularity by MySpace friend numbers

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

techPresident is having some fun with non-scientific methodologies: they’re comparing 2008 presidential candidates using the metric of how many friends their profiles have on MySpace. Here are the numbers:

Obama 52039
Clinton 25823
Edwards 12346
Kucinich 2565
Vilsack 1333
Richardson 658
Biden 583
Dodd 211
Paul 3061
Romney 1760
Tancredo 1085
Giuliani 817
Huckabee 490
Brownback 184
McCain 66

Notice how many more friends the Democratic candidates have versus the Republican candidates. It’s not even remotely close. The possible reasons include:

  1. Young people are generally more liberal/progressive than old farts and they get involved in social networking a lot more.
  2. Bush makes it embarrassing to be MySpace friends with any Republican.
  3. Republicans don’t know how to use computers.

I’m placing my bets on 1., but 2. might have something to do with it and 3. wouldn’t surprise me.